martes, 22 de julio de 2008


A cute "oldie" from the former Republic of Czechoslovakia that drives Joonas crazy. His obsesion reaches top level when after watching the same episode 5 times per day during more than a week he still wakes up in the morning and his first words translate a sleepy request for "AT LEAST" 1 minute of "topo" or "mutionu" before getting dressed to go to the kindergarden.
We got to know it because it was Jaan´s personal favorite as well in the late 60s. He was nostalgic-he wanted to share his memories with his children-he looked it up in YOUTUBE and he found it! Joonas and Jaan really bond while watching.

These are simply fantastic!

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EvaD dijo...

Era mi favorito también :) Gracias por compartirlo!